The Telltale Signs You Should Rebrand Your Business

By , On September 30, 2019, In Branding

Your brand is the foundation of your business. It combines your mission, values and personality. Your logo is an important piece of that foundation, but only one component of the brand’s overall identity. A brand should always be greater than the sum of its parts. 

But, businesses can outgrow their brands. Their vision can stop relating to their brand or their logo can simply dull over time. 

If this is the case for your business, a rebrand may be the answer to reinforce the foundation of your company. 

Not a willy-nilly business decision. 

Changing your brand will affect every aspect of your company. 

Rebranding needs to be a thought-out process because doing it the wrong way can jeopardize your image, client base, and overall business. But if you do the rebrand the right way, it will breathe new life into your business. 

Here are four indicators that it’s time for a rebrand. 

1. Time to think of the bigger picture.

Many brands simply focus on the logo, not the overall brand identity. This can hurt a company whose brand may not have been thoughtfully designed. If you’ve been overly concerned about your logo, the bigger picture can get missed.

Take Mastercard, for example.

Rebrand Your Business - mastercard

They used to be called Master Charge and their logo featured the overlapping circles with text stating the card’s bank. This logo wasn’t easy to read and it didn’t speak to their customers. It spoke to the bank. 

They’ve been on a long journey of rebranding since. Recently, Mastercard announced they would be dropping their name. They’re focusing on the overlapping circles which promise to connect people to priceless opportunities. 

Mastercard went from a weak logo to one that people recognize and trust. Now that’s priceless. 

2. Your vision isn’t visible. 

Every brand has a purpose. However, industries change, businesses expand and the purpose may get lost in the process. 

To have the most successful business possible, you have to market to the customers who match your current business. Your vision must match your brand. 

One of the best examples of this is Apple. Believe it or not, Apple’s initial logo looked like this. 

Rebrand Your Business - apple logo

The evolution of the Apple logo spanned a number of decades and different trends. Today it matches the simple, minimalist nature of today’s design trends and the chromatic colour often associated with tech companies. Their first logo didn’t resonate with customers and their trendsetting vision wasn’t featured.

3. A bad reputation isn’t good.

If your company is in heat, it’s time to get out of the kitchen. 

Take Uber for example. Last year the Uber brand became associated with a lot of negative attention. Their old logo emphasized the public’s perception of the company. 

Rebrand Your Business - Uber

Mark Wilson from Fast Company had this to say about Uber’s old brand “The word UBER was a visual manspread, evoking the members-only corporate club from Uber’s roots as an on-demand black car service for Silicon Valley’s elite.”

Uber needed to welcome positive connotations to their brand. Not the ALL-CAP, masculine aesthetic it once was. Uber moved away from the all-caps to focus on lowercase friendliness. They announced the rebrand as they announced their new CEO.  

Rebrand Your Business-new uber logo

If a business has a bad reputation, they must do everything they can to flip it. No one wants to give their hard-earned money to a company that’s not liked by people. 

4. You need a competitive edge.

As your business grows, it’s natural to see the landscape of the competition change. Sometimes a rebrand is in order to keep up with your competitors or even give you a competitive leg-up. 

Take Netflix for example. 

As Netflix became more of a producer than simply a provider, it adopted a new look that fits in better with their entertainment producer peers. Beginning as a company that provided rental DVDs through the mail (remember that?), Netflix adapted its brand to accommodate quality content and establish itself as a content creator around 2012. 

As the leading company in online movie/tv streaming, Netflix became increasingly aware of its growth and its competition. Now, Netflix is known for its Capital N logo and the booming sound when you start watching a Netflix Original. 

Another great example is Airbnb. 

After launching, the renting of personal homes blew up, creating major competition for Airbnb. It was a sink or swim moment for the rental platform. 

To refresh, Airbnb had four members of their agency travel to 13 cities. They stayed with Airbnb hosts and recorded every part of their stay to consider what the brand stands for. 

Employees found four key values. When these four were combined, they create the new Airbnb logo. The new logo gives Airbnb a modern, community feel. And with that, Airbnb now has more than 7M listings worldwide.

Rebrand Your Business - airbnb

Build a brand that lasts. 

Have you noticed any of these four signs recently? If so, a rebrand may be in your future. Reach out to us! Our team of talented creatives has your brand covered. Cohesive identities are our thing. Let’s discuss your current brand and where you want to go with it.