A Year of Boxes

From a tiny personal blog to a rapidly growing business, Twirling Umbrellas helped nurture A Year of Boxes into a successful online business.

From humble beginnings…

A Year of Boxes began in 2012 as a niche blog reviewing subscription boxes. Their founder worked three jobs and treated the blog as her hobby, until her passion for blogging pushed her to expand her hobby into a business. Working with Twirling Umbrellas, A Year of Boxes has experienced exponential growth over the past three years, with tens of thousands of weekly page views. Twirling Umbrellas helped them monetize their blogging by building a fully custom website, complete with an innovative box directory that generates income through subscription box referrals.
  • Niche blog turned reputable review site and product aggregator
  • A Year of Boxes has experienced massive growth in traffic and reductions in bounce rate since their involvement with Twirling Umbrellas.
  • Quality content and clean, refined code ensure SEO success
  • A Year of Boxes receives thousands of views per day

It starts with a blog.

Many clients sell a product or service through their website. For A Year of Boxes, their website is that service. That’s why it was so important Twirling Umbrellas built it right. Starting with a stable WordPress framework, every feature on A Year of Boxes is custom built. No inefficient plugins or cookie-cutter design; their site is fast, efficient, and effective. The core of their business remains blogging. By generating lots of high quality content every day, they drive tons of traffic to their site daily, generating revenue from ads and referrals. Twirling Umbrellas made sure to design a landing page that puts an emphasis on all that great content. With a bold, visual directory of all their content and a powerful filter system, every fresh piece of content is available right from the home page. Calls to action feature prominently, promoting coupons and deals that generate referral income.

Building a brand.

Twirling Umbrellas is proud of the work it does, but none of matters without great content. By working in tandem with the content creators at A Year of Boxes, Twirling Umbrellas was able to maximize their SEO potential, ensuring their hard work would be rewarded with clicks, views, shares, and, ultimately, conversions. In SEO, it’s often said that ‘content is king’ – without lots of fresh, great content, it’s hard to get recognized by search engines and get the traffic clients want. But there’s more to it than that. Coding practices, navigation, readability: it all works together to increase search ranking. Twirling Umbrellas works to a high standard to make certain all that great content works to full effect.

One size (doesn’t) fit all.

Twirling Umbrellas recognizes every business needs a different solution. That’s why they commit to customized, tailored solutions for every project. A Year of Boxes is a blog turned subscription box aggregator. It’s a unique project that seamlessly combines online shopping, blogging, and advertising, and it’s more than the sum of its parts. No theme or pre-packaged solution could possibly deliver the experience Twirling Umbrellas helped build. It’s not about building websites; it’s about solving problems.

Charting success.

Twirling Umbrellas is all about data. Everything they do can be backed up by evidence; A Year of Boxes is no exception. Client trust is critical, so Twirling Umbrellas endeavours to prove every billable hour is time and money well spent. Analytics campaigns back up every decision and design choice with real, tangible data. Since analytics tracking for A Year of Boxes began in late 2014, bounce rates have improved by 28.6%, page views are up 46.8% per month, and page views per session have seen a 99% increase. User acquisition from social media increased by nearly 200%. Proof Twirling Umbrellas can attract more users, retain them, and keep them browsing longer.