An improved user experience is helping AinslieWear grow with significantly higher online sales and by driving more customers into AinslieWear retailers.

Local Inspiration, Global Reach.

AinslieWear is a global distributor of Canadian-made dancewear, selling direct online and in over 300 retail stores internationally. Their high-end product is well-established in the professional dance community, selected as the official wear for the Canada National Ballet School and the San Francisco Ballet School.

Starting in 2014, Twirling Umbrellas partnered with Clear Design to produce a new web presence for AinslieWear. As a company preparing for large-scale expansion, they needed a superior web and marketing solution to continue growing and pushing into new markets. Twirling Umbrellas rebuilt their existing website from the ground up, working to the highest standards to ensure their site was fast, functional, and search-engine friendly.

  • Founded in 1997
  • Hand-made dancewear company with global reach
  • Sold by over 300 retailers worldwide
  • Official dancewear of the Canada National Ballet School

Great Products Need Great Websites.

In order for a brand to gain global recognition, it needs to look the part. AinslieWear delivers high-quality, hand-made garments to dance professionals. Twirling Umbrellas and Clear Design helped ensure that high standard of quality extended to their online presence as well.

Today, online shoppers expect an online store to be fast, functional, and beautiful. Twirling Umbrellas communicated with AinslieWear and Clear Design to help craft a website that was clean and accessible. For a brand dependent on quality and visual appeal, it’s crucial their product takes centre-stage. That’s why the site employs the same professionally-shot, high-resolution photos used in their print catalogues to ensure the perfect customer experience. The design maximizes white space to further highlight AinslieWear products.

Finally, websites today need to transition seamlessly from desktop to tablet and smartphone. Twirling Umbrellas ensured AinslieWear’s new website would display flawlessly on any device.

It’s not just visual appeal, though; built on the industry-leading WordPress platform and utilizing a WooCommerce store, AinslieWear’s website is coded to the most exacting standards. AinslieWear is fast, SEO friendly, and effective.

Speed Matters.

Prior to their site refresh, AinslieWear’s website suffered from slow load times and outdated software. By modernizing every aspect of their web deployment, Twirling Umbrellas drastically improved their page speed scores while delivering high-quality content. It isn’t just about load times, though. Customers want to find the information they need quickly and easily. Twirling Umbrellas built a custom store locator for AinslieWear, helping customers connect with their many retail partners around the world.

Getting the Message Out.

The most beautiful, fast, functional site in the world is worthless without users. Twirling Umbrellas is committed to logical, systematic, results-driven search engine optimization to ensure clients get the exposure they need to succeed. With AinslieWear, Twirling Umbrellas extensively researched keywords and kept up with the latest SEO trends to ensure they rank well on every important Google search.

By consistently tracking user trends with Google Analytics, Twirling Umbrellas helped identify areas of potential growth, and monitored consumer activity in an accurate, highly granular fashion. The data gathered helped inform advertising campaigns and track improvements in site traffic and sales. In the first year after launching the new website, AinslieWear saw a 41% increase in new online users. Within two years of launch, their online revenue had increased by an average of 59.6%, mostly driven by unpaid search engine traffic.

Driven By Results.

A core component of the Twirling Umbrellas philosophy is embracing data-driven, evidence-based practices. Twirling Umbrellas prides itself on its ability to prove to its value to every client, taking the time to identify their needs and working them on a plan for success. There’s no excuse for guesswork in the Internet age; Whether it’s cost-per-click advertising, content creation, branding, web development, or anything else, Twirling Umbrellas clients get results backed up by hard data.