BlueSky Organics

World class branding helped BlueSky Organics become an award winning startup and Canada’s first fully-certified growing system for medicinal cannabis.

Growing business.

BlueSky Organics produces the first fully organic soil media and fertilizer specially formulated for cannabis growing. Development began in the 1990s, with an immediate focus on ecology and sustainability. BlueSky’s special formulation produces superior cannabis, exceeding synthetically grown cannabis in quality, potency and flavour. In 2016, BlueSky took home both the people’s choice and celebrity judge awards at the Bio Cup Awards for their superior, organically grown products, as well as two Lift Awards. With the medical cannabis industry achieving rapid growth, and the pending legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes, the time was right for Twirling Umbrellas to help BlueSky completely refresh their branding and online presence.

When Twirling Umbrellas first engaged with BlueSky, they had no website, branding, or packaging design. This presented a unique opportunity for both parties to collaborate and grow a successful brand – from the ground up.

  • BlueSky was founded in the 1990s with a focus on ecology and sustainability
  • Their product line is specifically engineered for cannabis growing
  • BlueSky has won 4 awards in the past year for their organic product
  • With legalized cannabis pending, BlueSky is poised for major growth
  • BlueSky supports a regulated, health-conscious cannabis industry

Sprouting a brand.

Twirling Umbrellas helped BlueSky design a logo and brand identity that is fresh, but timeless, easily adapted across their product line. As always, Twirling Umbrellas aimed to let the product shine through. Their rich soil is prominently displayed on their packaging. The BlueSky brand is bold, cohesive, and professional – as easily adapted to packaging design as it is to signage, vehicles, or digital displays.BlueSky is a brand dependent on packaging. Their product needs to stand out among the many soils and fertilizers already on the market, quickly making an impression and communicating their values. Twirling Umbrellas was excited to mock up and prototype their entire packaging line, from soil bags to box design and more. Now is the time for BlueSky to capitalize on an industry poised to explode. It’s important they can get their message out – and look good doing it.

A website with impact.

In order to succeed today, you need a strong web presence. Twirling Umbrellas built BlueSky a bold, responsive website that puts their product front and centre. Featuring rich earth tones and plenty of texture, BlueSky’s website is arresting and distinctive. The homepage allows users to easily scroll through their product lineup, receiving key information about each product in a quick, simple fashion. All site content is carefully considered, providing great information in an uncluttered, pleasing way without ever feeling crowded or overbearing. Each element was carefully curated to produce a seamless and easy-to-navigate online experience.

Uniquely you.

At Twirling Umbrellas, it’s important that the client’s vision and personality shine through the work they commission. In BlueSky’s case, they are highly active and connect directly with their customers on social media. Twirling Umbrellas ensure their social media links were prominently displayed on their site, so they can bring more users into their conversation.

Twirling Umbrellas’ role is to distill and elevate their client’s ideas to be the best they can be. With a unique business like BlueSky, it was critical not to diminish their identity. Organic, sustainable living and cannabis culture are important to BlueSky. Twirling Umbrellas struck a delicate balance between the professional image their business needs, and promoting the values they live their lives by.

Committed to growth.

Twirling Umbrellas is committed to working and growing with its clients over time. While many clients are already well-established, some want a full brand refresh, or a completely new website. Twirling Umbrellas is eager and able to take on projects of almost any scope, and deliver exceptional work held to rigorous standards. BlueSky is one example of a brand Twirling Umbrellas has taken to the next level. Twirling Umbrellas is proud of its role in BlueSky’s continued success and growth.