CHIPS Canada

Painstaking attention to detail and a focus on accessibility allows the Canadian Hearing and Instrument Practitioners Society to help consumers understand hearing loss and get help.

Here to help.

The Canadian Hearing Instrument Practitioners Society is a national organization striving to improve professional support for the hearing impaired. The organization provides support to the hearing impaired, runs campaigns to educate the public about hearing loss and amplification devices, and supports hearing instrument practitioners with education, training, and provincial regulation.

Supporting thousands of members, CHIPS is a crucial part of holistic care in Canada. With an aging population and increasing hearing loss among young Canadians, hearing instrument practitioners have a large role to play now and in the future. Twirling Umbrellas was approached by CHIPS to completely revitalize their branding and website. Working with CHIPS required special care be taken in ensuring the website was accessible, bilingual, and authoritative.

  • National hearing instrument practitioners professional organization
  • Providing care and matching patients with needed services since 1998.
  • Works closely with the IHS (International Hearing Society) to provide world-class hearing care
  • Promotes high standards of care and regulation in the hearing instrument industry
  • Provides education and hearing-loss screening for all Canadians

From the ground up.

CHIPS came to Twirling Umbrellas desiring a complete makeover of their branding and online presence. It was important to ensure their branding reflected their role as a leading authority on auditory health in Canada. A complete brand refresh is a unique opportunity. Twirling Umbrellas approached the project with an accessibility-first mindset. Colours, fonts, and layouts were selected and designed to be elegant, professional, and eminently readable. Their fresh new logo is both a ā€˜Cā€™ shape and a stylized ear, a nod to the services they provide. Twirling Umbrellas endeavoured to craft a clutter-free, visually balanced product, consistent across every page.

English, French, PHP.

Canadian websites often need to take into account the bilingual nature of this country. Twirling Umbrellas wrote or translated all site content into clear, concise English and French. As many potential users are seniors, the site was designed to accommodate larger font sizes without disrupting site layout or functionality, and provides users with a simple font size toggle at the top of every page. As with every Twirling Umbrellas project, the CHIPS site is built on the fast, reliable WordPress platform, hand-coded to the highest standards by an experienced development team. Blazing fast and mobile friendly, the CHIPS site is accessible to every Canadian on any device.

Don’t search, just find.

To ensure Canadians can access the hearing services they need, Twirling Umbrellas built a custom store locator. Sortable by province, the store locator provides an interactive map showing all registered hearing instrument practitioners for the selected region, as well as a plain text directory of practitioners. In two clicks, customers are connected to the services they need – no searching, no confusion.

It’s critical that all Canadians can access the care they need. Twirling Umbrellas is pleased to work with CHIPS

Look to the future.

CHIPS remains a valued Twirling Umbrellas client. In the future, Twirling Umbrellas will continue to keep their site fresh, fast, and highly functional, as well as add new features. One of the features yet to be unveiled is the on-site hearing test, which will provide a preliminary self-assessment for site users and direct them to the appropriate services if a healthcare intervention is deemed necessary. Twirling Umbrellas is proud to serve an organization doing such important work in this community and across Canada.