Cops for Kids

Twirling Umbrellas is excited to be a gold-level corporate sponsor of Cops for Kids, a Charity for less fortunate children in our community.

Giving back.

Founded in 2001, Cops for Kids is a charitable foundation dedicated to helping the least fortunate children in communities across Canada through a variety of fundraisers. Twirling Umbrellas had the exciting opportunity of working with Cops for Kids and students at a local design school to rebuild their website. As a gold-level sponsor of Cops for Kids, Twirling Umbrellas is extremely proud of the fact they can give back to the less fortunate in their community.
  • Cops for Kids provides support to needy children and their families in southern B.C.
  • Their charity cycling tour raises tens of thousands of dollars per year in support of local families.
  • Cops for Kids helps pay for medical expenses, prosthetics, counselling, home care, and more.

Making an impact.

Cops for Kids provides support to underprivileged families and families whose children are challenged by health or developmental issues. Their main fundraising drive is a 10-day, gruelling bicycle trip through the mountainous southern B.C. region. They raise funds by soliciting community members to sponsor riders from across the region, with all proceeds benefitting local children and their families. Direct donations are also accepted year-round on their website.

Twirling Umbrellas is very pleased with the website they’ve been able to build for this great cause. Well-organized information and frequent, well-integrated calls to action aim to drive more donations to this worthy cause, while bold, high contrast colours provide a distinct, authoritative look.

Encouraging community.

A big part of many charitable organizations is corporate sponsorship. Corporate sponsors can offer goods and services at a discounted or pro-bono rate, either directly to the charity or to consumers with proceeds going to the charity. Twirling Umbrellas encourages corporate sponsorship for a variety of reasons. Corporate sponsorship is mutually beneficial; charities receive extensive media coverage, so their sponsors get free advertising. Most charities, Cops for Kids included, have positive, trusted reputations that are transferred in part to their sponsors.

Part of Twirling Umbrellas’ sponsorship of Cops for Kids includes the design and production of printed materials. From sponsorship guides to stickers and decals for participating sponsors, Twirling Umbrellas has invested a great deal of time and effort into ensuring Cops for Kids is as successful as it can be.

Learning on the job.

One of Twirling Umbrellas’ commitments was to engage with students at a local design school, providing them with valuable work experience in the web design industry. Students assembled into project teams, wrote project proposals, designed graphic assets and website mockups, then pitched their design concept to Twirling Umbrellas. This allowed students to get a taste of the industry prior to leaving school, bolstering their confidence and confronting them with the sort of challenges faced by industry professionals.