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Editorial Design

What we do

There’s something really special about a well-designed editorial. It’s as if there’s a little bit of magic hiding between the pages, a unique story that sometimes only print can tell. It’s that luxury, tactile experience of flipping through beautifully-branded pages, with crisp images and high-quality paper. Less common in a digital world, quality print can potentially set your brand apart.

  • Read


    Magazines are all about providing longer-form content in entertaining and easily digestible way. We can help with that.

  • Inform

    Product Catalogues

    When it comes to highlighting the entire offering of a company, a catalogue or lookbook is often the way to go.

  • Inspire

    Booklets, Training Manuals & Guides

    We can create product-specific user manuals, training manuals, or company policy guides that won't get lost in the shuffle

  • Design

    Content Creation

    Creative content and thoughtfully designed layouts are the keys to any successful magazine, catalogue, lookbook or guide.


Editorials to entertain them.

Oh the magazine. Pages of informative content, sprinkled with advertisements and glossy-papered distractions. Sure, you can scroll for hours on your phone, but there’s nothing quite like a magazine to get you through the mundane tasks of life, like sitting in the doctor’s office or waiting for an oil change.

In this digital age, it’s easy to assume that editorial print is a dying art form. It is often out-competed by digital alternatives, but there is certainly still a market for it. 15.9 million readers per year to be exact, and that’s just in North America. For all the places where you’ve got a captive audience or a captive market, quality print editorials are absolute gold.

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Look-books to wow them.

Magazines are all about informative or entertaining content, however, when it comes to highlighting the entire offering of a company, a catalogue or lookbook is often the best way to go. How many of us have that memory of sitting on the living room floor as a kid, pen in-hand and ready to circle, flipping through the Sears catalogue? Those books were legendary for all ages, and they weren’t even that inventive in design.

Do you have a variety of unique products, each deserving some time in the spotlight? We can give them their time to shine. We love showcasing client products from all the right angles, with beautiful imagery, catchy, informative content, and stunning layouts.


Collaboration to connect them.

Whether in print or digital, the key to effectively delivering your message is found in the connections. Consistent typography and purposeful imagery. Flawless organization and bite-sized content, with pull quotes and catchy headings included. A cohesive brand experience can use editorial design to inspire web design layouts and content, and vice versa.

At Twirling Umbrellas, we love to join the superpowers of our various departments to present one, solid brand identity. We have the design savvy to produce visually stunning designs for print, and the digital know-how to bring them to life online.

We take editorial projects from zero-to-hero, with coffee table worthy results, every time.

Two editorial design magazine mockups for Valens on a yellow background


Content to captivate them.

Creative content is the key to any successful magazine, catalogue, or guide. Without purposeful content, all you’re left with is a picture book. While this may be ideal for young children, it’s most likely not the kind of drool-worthy design you’re looking for.

Today’s reader has a lot of options, so you want to ensure that you’re providing them with something valuable. Whether this is a magazine full of rich content, or a single advertisement with one impactful message, content is king.

At Twirling Umbrellas, we have a whole department dedicated to content creation and clever marketing. If you’ve got something to say, but aren’t sure how to say it, let us help guide you through the process.

Comma Life Practitioner Editorial Design Booklet Spread


Manuals to guide them.

Catalogues and guides can sometimes be one and the same, but often there is a need for separate product-specific user manuals, training manuals, or company policy guides.

For our client, Comma Life, an employee recruitment guide was their missing piece. Comma Life is a team of therapists and health practitioners, specializing in natural wellness and balanced living. Comma Life needed a guide that could instill their company values and unify their practitioners, establishing an identifiable presence in a variety of environments.

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Give them something to reach for.

It’s hard to discard exceptional design. We take editorial projects from zero-to-hero, with coffee table worthy results, every time. Reach out and let’s chat.