Wondering How To Get Your Website on Google? Here’s How

By , On September 23, 2019September 25, 2019, In Marketing, SEO

You’ve launched your website and it’s time to sit back and let the customers pour in. But where are they?

When you check Google, your website is nowhere to be found. You keep clicking “next” thinking you’ll show up, but don’t. 

Launching your website is the first step in a successful online marketing strategy. The second step requires bringing traffic to your website. The third step is having a search engine notice you. 

Keep reading to learn how to get your website on Google.

What do search engines want? 

Search engines want quality content. They want to provide their users with the best possible results for a given search query. They crawl the web and analyze each website to figure out how one website compares to another when answering the search query. The more authority a search engine deems a website has, the better they perceive the quality of its content. This ends with a higher Google ranking. 

showing up in google - content

Introducing your company to Google’s first page. 

Search Engine Optimization in online marketing is used to increase the quality and relevancy of a website. The goal is to naturally increase visitors to a site. A higher-quality, more relevant website will rank higher on the search engine results page. A study by Ahrefs found that the top result on Google captures 49% of all search traffic.

But, where are the other 51% of people going? They’re scrolling down the Google page and considering what link to click.  

Ranking #1 is great, but ranking #2-10 will bring your website results and prospects as well. 

On-site SEO 

On-site SEO is about the quality and quantity of your content and the experience your visitors have on your website. There are a lot of characteristics of good quality content. Improving the design, adding more engaging writing and educational images are all ways to improve the way search engines perceive your content. 

On-site SEO also includes things you can’t necessarily see such as your website’s loading speed, the organization and layout of your website and meta and alt tags. 

Off-site SEO 

Did you know that SEO isn’t just found on your website? 

Off-site SEO is about promoting your website through websites that link to your company. These are known as backlinks and each one is a vote towards your website. The more votes you have, the more likely you are considered an authoritative website.

To avoid link farming, search engines look at the quality of links going to your website. Links from high-authority industry websites are what you’re aiming for. Not irrelevant links from your mom’s cooking blog (unless your mom is Rachael Ray and your website is related to cooking). 

Social media is another form of off-site SEO. It brings exposure to your content, increasing the chances of it being found by others in your industry. Engagement on social media is also another indicator for search engines to judge the quality of content. A blog post that gets shared often is likely to be a better piece of quality content compared to one with no engagement. 

Growing your company with facts and stats. 

Search Engine Marketing can boost your traffic and funnel the right prospects to your website. You won’t be left wondering if it’s working or not. With proper analytics in place, it’s easy to measure SEM’s effectiveness in real-time. 

Expand with Google 

When thinking of how to get your website on Google, you need to work with Google. When you create Google ads, you’re working to increase brand awareness, qualified leads and a higher ROI. 

showing up in google - SEM

SEM is equal parts art and science. Like an art, doing well requires captivating ads that connect with your customers. On the science side of things, SEM should be driven by data, consumer behaviour, and a thorough understanding of pay-per-click advertising.

Say hello to who viewed your site 

Only 2% of people convert on their first visit to a website. This means a large amount of your traffic is left to be won over. Remarketing ads remind them of what they’re missing. Have you ever been to a website, left that website and then saw a bunch of ads about that website pop up? That’s remarketing. Remarketing ads will show up on the Google network, helping you reach the goal of getting on Google. 

Where do you start?

Working with a qualified web design agency will allow you to pass this over to the professionals! At Twirling Umbrellas, we’re here to make marketing enjoyable for you. Whether you want to wash your hands of any marketing duties or learn to understand the digital marketing world, we’re the ones to help you get there.

Based on your company’s needs and the target market, we create a marketing strategy that will help your website show up on google.  

Reach out to us if you think we’re the right web design agency for you. We get the “how can I get my website on Google” question a lot. We’re ready to help your company reach higher in search rankings and be noticed by Google.  

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