Pomme beauty box packaging on a green background

Outside the box


What we do

Think outside the box, or bag, or bottle.

Competition for shelf space is fierce. Products no longer have to live in square boxes or round bottles. There are a ton of new ways to display products and the possibilities are endless. Let’s come up with something amazing, shall we?

  • Shapes & Sizes

    Endless design possibilities.

    With the ability to market stand-alone products, the shapes and sizes for packaging design become endless.

  • Visuals

    Designed for them.

    Package design should always consider the audience. After all, what is packaging without one?

  • Differentiate

    Unique design options.

    We'll incorporate creative designs into your products in new and innovative ways to create a lasting impression with customers.

  • Environmental

    Future-proofing your products.

    Environmental decisions impacts sales. Consider environmentally friendly packaging options and open up new markets.

Wrap It Up

Let’s face it, everyone judges a book by its cover.

When it comes to commercial products, users are even less likely to read the packaging. With shelves and shelves of products, all jam-packed into sections that sell essentially the same thing, you’re average buyer simply doesn’t have the time (about 4 seconds, in fact). So what can you possibly say in such a short timeframe, to convince your audience to choose you?

The truth is, not much. But if a picture is worth a thousand words, let great design speak your message. Identifying key messages and ensuring your packaging communicates this is a powerful differentiator.

Hutch and Howl green juice in a transparent bottle lying on a woodgrain surface

Identifying Customers

Take your seats, the show is about to begin.

With all the specifications that go along with packaging design, it’s easy to lose sight of the purpose. The golden rule of packaging is to NEVER forget your audience. After all, what is packaging without one?

We love to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and their audience. For Hutch and Howl, this meant diving into the values of a cold-pressed juice customer.

Hutch and Howl is a company that delivers more than juice. With a deep focus on wellness and balance, it was essential that their packaging reflected a healthy, natural product. Their customers expect raw, unpasteurized juices with only the goodness that nature provides. For them, we presented a minimalist design, without a cluttered aesthetic.

BlueSky Organics Craft Cannabis Kit packaging with white text on a cannabis leaf background, and images of the products inside BlueSky Organics Organic Booster Container with red soil and green label BlueSky Organics pH Down Packaging in a white container with soil and green label BlueSky Organics Product Packaging in a white sealable bag with a green label

Brand Personality

Packaging at a glance, a really quick one.

One of the great benefits of packaging design is the ability to incorporate your brand identity into all of your products. Company’s spend significant dollars investing in brand identities, so it only makes sense that their packaging reflects who they are.

A great example of this is BlueSky Organics, a company that offers the first fully-certified system for growing organic cannabis. This client is all about organics, dirt, and growing healthy plants, which is a theme that we translate into their packaging.

Within the first four seconds, what do you see?

Advanced WP box packaging mockup with purple astronaut waving

Lasting Impressions

A flawless performance.

In a competitive market, you don’t get much time to make a first impression. Your packaging has to be well thought out, and presented with purpose in every square inch. Most customers don’t notice the small details, but they will notice if your message is absent or inconsistent. How often do you see a product in the grocery store and wonder, what is that? That is a flawed design.

Another packaging flaw is a design that isn’t flexible. Companies often expand single products into an entire range, requiring adjustments for different flavours or offerings. Companies may also move products into international markets, where sizing and label restrictions can be completely different from where they started. This is where starting with a great structured design can save tons of money in the long run.

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