A blogger's work desk scattered with a laptop, iPad, mail, cup of tea and other stationery.

Modest blog to booming business.

From a tiny personal blog to a rapidly growing sales platform, Twirling Umbrellas helped nurture A Year of Boxes into a successful online business.

Making it happen.

  • Branding
  • Website Design & Development
  • App Development

Quality content and clean, refined code leads to SEO success.

A seamless combination of online shopping, blogging, and advertising.

We helped ignite A Year of Boxes by building a fully custom WordPress website. Complete with an innovative box directory, the site generates reliable income through subscription box referrals.

Reduced Bounce Rate
- 28.6%
Monthly Page Views
+ 46.8%
Page Views Per Session
+ 99%
Social Acquisition
+ 200%

No cookies were cut.

The new site is totally custom. No theme, pre-packaged solution or inefficient plugins could possibly deliver. It’s not about building websites, it’s about solving problems.

It all comes back to content.

The core of their business is still blogging. By creating high quality content every day, they drive tons of traffic, generating revenue from ads and referrals. We made sure the landing page showcases this great content with a bold, visual directory and a powerful filtering system.

A Year of Boxes is a niche blog turned reputable review site and product aggregator. Since their involvement with Twirling Umbrellas, they have experienced massive growth in traffic, receiving thousands of views every day.

SEO to the max.

Along with their great content, coding practices, navigation, readability all work together to increase search ranking. We maximized SEO potential ensuring clicks, views, shares, and ultimately conversions.

Data rules.

Analytics back up every decision with real, tangible data. In this case, it proves the new site attracts more users, retains them, and keeps them browsing longer.