A small community of elderly friends lunching and laughing together.

Home is where the community is.

We created one national platform that connects all of the Abbeyfield homes across Canada. Now their members are part of a community-based network in life and on the web.

Making it happen.

  • Website Design
  • Multiple Site Development
Abbeyfield website displayed on a computer and ipad mockup in full colour on a transparent background

Member logins provide house teams with useful hubs. Resources anywhere, anytime.

We prioritize important content to make sure key messages are heard.

Call-to-actions for enquiry and donations are brought into focus for this not-for-profit. We created a unified website connecting the Abbeyfield houses across Canada. With 3 more houses in development, they’re growing their online presence to match. One brand, one community.

Website Users
Up 15% per month
New Users
Up 20% per month

Abbeyfield provides independent seniors with affordable living throughout their 21 houses across Canada. Their family-style homes offer companionship and a dignified lifestyle for their 300 residents. They’re paving the way for community-based retirement living.

Brands for the ages.

We’re proud to work with forward-thinking brands who are setting up our communities for success and independence in retirement.

WordPress access.

For each Abbeyfield House, we created an accessible webpage so they can edit their own content. We’ll continue to build house pages, visually linking each one to the Abbeyfield online community.

Custom home locator.

Each Canadian province home to Abbeyfield residences has its own interactive map and directory. Visitors can easily learn about the houses in less than three clicks.