A close up of medicinal cannabis growing in a greenhouse.

Sprouting an award-winning start-up.

An activated brand and website helped BlueSky become Canada’s first fully-certified organic growing system for medicinal cannabis.

Making it happen.

  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Print Marketing
  • Website Design & Development
  • Digital Marketing, SEM & SEO

Bold, rich and fresh. The ideal conditions for a new brand to grow.

We had a unique opportunity to collaborate and help build a successful first-to-market brand.

With medical cannabis achieving rapid growth, the time was right for us to help BlueSky completely refresh their identity and online presence.

Unique Visitors
+ 59.6%
Page Views
+ 41%
Online Orders
+ 41%

Clean packaging for super soil.

Bluesky’s products need to stand out from other soils and fertilizers on the market. Clean lines and prominent soil imagery create a fresh but timeless packaging design – easily adaptable across their entire product line from soil bags to boxes.

In an industry set to explode, it’s important for BlueSky to get their message out there, and look good doing it.

BlueSky Organics produces the first fully organic soil and fertilizer for growing cannabis. In 2016, BlueSky took home the people’s choice and celebrity judge awards at the Bio Cup Awards, and two Lift Awards for their superior products.

Distilled and elevated.

BlueSky’s unique brand needed a clear point of view that supported their values. Our common goal was to promote organic, sustainable cannabis culture in a professional way.

The bold, responsive website puts product at the forefront. Featuring rich earth tones and textures, the site is arresting and distinctive. Users can easily scroll and scan through the product lineup for a seamless and easy-to-navigate experience.