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Hearing is believing.

We worked with the Canadian Hearing Instrument Practitioners Society (CHIPS) to create an elegant brand and accessible website. This allows people to understand hearing loss and get the help they need.

Making it happen.

  • Branding
  • Website Design & Development
  • Business Stationery

It takes special care and attention to support thousands of members across Canada.

Helping CHIPS play a crucial part in holistic care.

With an aging population and increasing hearing loss among young Canadians, CHIPS’ accessible, bilingual website plays a major role now and in the future.

Accessible to consumers and members across Canada, in both official languages.

The authority on auditory health.

CHIPS required a full makeover of their brand and online presence to reflects their role as a industry leader. We approached the project with an accessibility-first mindset. Colours, fonts, and layouts were all chosen to be welcoming, professional, and easily readable. The fresh new logo is a stylized “C” and a nod to the human ear. This adds to a clutter-free, visually balanced product.

It’s critical that all Canadians can access the care they need.

Nothing lost in translation.

Canadian websites often need to be bilingual. We wrote or translated all site content into clear, concise English and French. As many users are seniors, the site was designed to accommodate larger font sizes without disrupting site layout or functionality. The site also provides users with a simple font size toggle at the top of every page.

CHIPS is a national organization that has been improving professional support for the hearing impaired since 1998. They run campaigns to educate the public about hearing loss, and support hearing instruments with education, training, and provincial regulation.

WordPress, obviously.

As with all our projects, the CHIPS site is built on the fast, reliable WordPress platform, custom-coded to the highest standard. Blazing fast and obviously mobile friendly.

Custom quick locator.

An interactive map and directory of all registered hearing instrument practitioners links customers to the services they need in two clicks – no searching, no confusion.

Features for the future.

We’re keeping the CHIPS site fresh, fast, and functional, while adding new features. Spoiler alert: one of the new features is an on-site hearing test.