The Kabooter Knomes interactive app being played on apple iPads.

Springboarding imagination with real-world play.

We combined old school play with new age technology to give the magical world of Kabooter Knomes an edge over other toys.

Making it happen.

  • Website Design & Development
  • Interactive Kids App
  • Packaging
  • Print Marketing Materials
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Design & Production of Toy

Imaginary adventures that inspire creativity.
Story time made cool by digital innovations.

The experience teaches kids to unplug, think, and invent with the tools at their fingertips. Anywhere, anytime, real-world play.

We helped transform Kabooter Knomes from a bedtime story into an interactive experience. Imagination meets digital with an interactive app designed to guide children through the book and show them how to play with items in their home and nature.

Marketing strategy that transforms.

We hit the ground running with a launch strategy that catapulted the Kabooter Knomes’ flagship product. We turned a bedtime story book into a multi-faceted play experience that teaches children to play old school.

New Users
+ 15.8%
Reduced Bounce Rate
- 5.2%
Average Session Duration
+ 57.1%

A chance to stand out in a competitive toy market.

To gain exposure and strengthen the brand, we developed a website and strategic marketing plan. We crafted the Kabooter Kits, including developing the toy and app, and then we attended the annual toy industry trade show in New York.

Kabooter land is alive.

We used custom rotoscope animation to bring the flat image of Kabooter land to life. Individual elements on the map were isolated, cut out, and animated, creating an interactive world for readers that can be easily accessed on your smartphone.

Kabooter Knomes is a creative play concept for ages 5+ aimed at helping kids unplug from their devices and enjoy engaging their imaginations and creativity in real-world play.

Interactive app sparks imagination.

Our mobile app for iOS brings the land of Kabooter to life for children! We incorporated crafts, experiments, activities, a Knome index, and an in-app guide to create a playful learning experience.