Kinetic Evolution header of runner on track highlighting the website development and branding work that we have done for this sports training and rehabilitation company

Moving with momentum.

Kinetic Evolution’s new name and brand speaks to their purpose and gives their business an edge. Their website visualizes the power of movement.

Making it happen:

  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Website Design & Development
  • Copywriting
  • SEM
Kinetic Evolution desktop and tablet mockup of the website and branding that Twirling Umbrellas has done

We used subtle animation
to activate the content and
give users momentum.

Therapy and training combine for a movement offering beyond the norm. An energetic tagline–move better, move beyond–gives the brand acceleration and agility.

We gave their website drive with full page scrolling, standout call-to-actions and design that embodies athletic performance. Follow the italicised direction of the logo and headings; forward is the way to move.

We helped them communicate their passionate expertise and powerful service offering.

Kinetic Evolution’s unique approach to improving quality of movement needed a voice that’s informational, yet motivational. Their services benefit everyone–from professional athletes training for competition, through to grandparents who want to play with their grandchildren.

A professional and dynamic online presence is helping to advance their team and client base. Ongoing marketing is driving traffic to their website and location.

The science of movement and a dash of creativity gave rise to the name ‘Kinetic Evolution’.

Kinetic Evolution provide movement training and therapy services to get people moving better. They help their clients reach their full mobile potential through a unique offering of personal training, sports conditioning, sports therapy and nutritional coaching.

Motivational material

The content motivates the user to believe in the brand and the product. It inspires further exploration of the website and sparks action to connect.

Activated call-to-actions

We use animation to give direction and purpose to the UX journey. Visitors can choose their own adventure on the site. Lively animations catch user’s attention and show them where to go.

Brand for the beyond

Our challenge is creating a brand identity with universal appeal. Kinetic Evolution is for anyone who wants to move better. We worked closely to identify their points of difference so we could effectively sell their brand, their way.