Shoppers browsing The District on Bernard and enjoying the trendsetting space.

Fashion-forward trendblazing.

A strong social strategy, web presence, and on-point branding make this trendsetting space stand out in a crowded retail corridor.

Making it happen:

  • Brand & Communication Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Website Design & Development
Computer and tablet displaying a mockup of the District website home page

Sophisticated and stylish, it’s the place to be for shoppers and high-end boutiques.

The District is set to modernize Kelowna’s downtown retail landscape. We helped to position them as the place to shop, socialize and discover.

The District is getting social.

We created the plan for tantalizing social content to build hype for the grand opening. This is a shopping experience for the people – see you there!

A detailed guide to building web and social traffic.

An opportunity for chic brands, an attraction for locals and tourists.

Culture-conscious and season-savvy, The District is a magnet for trend-hunters. We’re using chic concepts in real time to create shareable content for social, and repurposing it on the website.

Amazing boutiques launching soon.

The online directory we’re building gives shoppers everything they need to know about the retail district at a glance.

The District takes the best of the Okanagan Valley and elevates it further. It’s a place to come together, socialize, and experience everything the city has to offer. It’s not just another shopping centre — it’s a lifestyle.

The social standard.

Looks count for everything when you’re a trendsetter. We created a strong identity and captivating content for The District to inspire their audience.

Power to the people.

We’re building hype for The District’s launch. Engaging social content and bold signage is giving the people a sneak preview. Oh, the lifestyle to be enjoyed with the opening of this boutique destination!