Teamwork and the United Way

Ridiculously fun fundraising.

The local United Way was looking for our help to create a knock-out campaign concept. We stepped up to the challenges. All eight of them.

Making it happen.

  • Strategy & Creative Concept
  • Marketing Materials
  • Landing Page
  • Campaign Support
United Way CODEanagan Logo

young tech talent
in the Okanagan.

There’s an undeniable energy in the Okanagan tech industry. Exciting things are happening and the sector is growing fast. But in order to thrive, the region needs a continuous influx of young talent. Enter United Way’s CODEanagan program, which inspires disadvantaged youth to build their tech skills, inspiring the next generation of tech talent.

Introducing the Super Mega Ultimate Techathlon

Our shared goal was to help United Way bring attention to their important cause. We needed a fresh fundraising campaign to get people excited about the future of Okanagan tech.

More Ridiculous Challenges
Amazing Cause

A little friendly competition.

We wanted to avoid the typical heart-string-tugging charity angle. So we brought the local tech industry together for some friendly competition. And because we knew it had to be super fun, we took it to the next level (think Rainbow Road level in MarioKart).

“There’s no ‘i’ in tech.
We needed to bring the local tech community together.”

Full-on fun for eight weeks straight.

The campaign concept got companies involved in a series of sponsored challenges with bragging rights on the line – all in the name of the CODEanagan cause. Some of the challenges included a stock photo contest, digital scavenger hunt, and an audio remix challenge. We developed the landing page, sponsorship and participant packages, a press release, social media assets, and more. It all had to be consistent, and it had to be ultra fun.

Starting and ending with a bang.

The campaign kicked off with a Super MarioKart tournament, in the Innovation Centre’s theatre. It was epic. We ended on a high note with a raucous rock-paper-scissors tournament. These live events brought people together and provided extra fundraising opportunities.

Techathlon Logo

United Way Techathlon Digital Mockup

Custom coded.

We developed a custom interface for the digital scavenger hunt challenge. It spanned six different partner websites and led participants through an amusing Okanagan-inspired online journey.

Every step of the way.

From the initial concept to the closing ceremonies, we supported the United Way at each critical communication point over the campaign. The team at United Way bravely pursued something that was outside the typical charity box, and we were proud to be a part of it. Can’t wait for next year!